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2021 - Year in Review

Well I can safely say 2021 "was a year"! Join me as I ramble through the year and some highlights, month by month

Sandstone Starships

A brief summary of how to paint a rough sandstone colour


Phew! It's been a busy few months for me. Sorry I haven't been able to write much! One thing that I've been meaning to write up for a...

Push Pull Power

Panel lines are good, they're great ways of making big flattish areas more interesting. The key tools here, in Fusion360 at least, are...

Sketchy Ideas

Realised it's been a very long time since I last posted! Between work being manic and some rather depressing personal stuff I haven't had...

Printing/Painting Update

It's been a bit quiet on the modelling front as I've been doing my best to chow down on the enormous pile of prints that needed...

You CAD! Fusion 360 tips: Lofty ambitions

One of the many reasons I prefer CAD software over stuff like Tinkercad or Sketchup is that you can make much more complex geometry in...

Intro Pt.2: Fictional What?

So Moose, why do you create models for a game that's almost a decade out of print? Battlefleet Gothic is my favourite GW game, I think...

Intro Pt.1: Why Can't I Paint It Black?

Hi Everyone! I'm the Italianmoose. You can call me Moose. I design spacecraft, real ones and fictional ones. Yes really, and it's a great...

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